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Sterling has fallen modestly on the back of the result, but exposure is being kept under review; it is expected to remain at a historically low level, due to the increased uncertainty, and the likelihood that the Bank of England will keep interest rates low for now.
During the inauguration of a two-day training programme for pilgrims at Faisal Mosque, the minister said 'Every year there are a lot of complaints about Pakistani women pilgrims not covering themselves modestly during their stay at Saudi Arabia.
Help us preserve Qatar's culture and values, please dress modestly in public places.
However Armenia s GDP growth is expected to recover modestly to 3.
but they are urging beachgoers to dress modestly to respect the country's culture.
10 September 2012 - Consumer sentiment regarding the housing market continues its modestly positive trend, according to results from Fannie Mae's (OTCBB: FNMA) August 2012 National Housing Survey.
THE UK economy will continue to grow, but at a sluggish rate in 2011 and pick up modestly in 2012, according to the CBI's latest economic forecast.
HOUSE prices increased modestly in March but the positive figures are unlikely to mark the beginning of a strong upturn for the market, a South Wales economist said yesterday.
Howard appeared stark naked but for some modestly positioned gloves and leg positions.
Stocks are modestly higher, extending Fridays gains, supported by a better-than-expected jump in new home sales in June and an upgraded profit outlook from global shipping giant FedEx Corp.
Summary: US consumer prices rose modestly last month while a cold snap lifted industrial output, suggesting the economy was growing but not generating enough inflation to trouble the Federal Reserve.
The survey reveals that the roles of school libraries continue to grow modestly.