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Her complexion had rather more of the lily than of the rose; but when exercise or modesty increased her natural colour, no vermilion could equal it.
With what an engaging modesty she pulled down the blinds of the chariot--the dear innocent
And you may be certain when I have the honour of seeing her again, I shall speak in the very highest terms of your modesty, economy, and other amiable qualification.
I always felt saddened by the sight of that poor girl's absolute quiescence on all occasions, and it was my custom to look at her, to address her, as seldom as possible; her extreme docility, her assiduous perseverance, would have recommended her warmly to my good opinion; her modesty, her intelligence, would have induced me to feel most kindly--most affectionately towards her, notwithstanding the almost ghastly plainness of her features, the disproportion of her form, the corpse-like lack of animation in her countenance, had I not been aware that every friendly word, every kindly action, would be reported by her to her confessor, and by him misinterpreted and poisoned.
Some in the west consider the modesty of head covering practised by Muslim women as the greatest symbol of women's oppression and servitude.
Modesty exists within thoughts, your speech, your way of doing things and leading of physical aspect.
A case has been registered against the accused under section 354 (assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty), 354-D (stalking), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 509 (Insult to Modesty of women).
Modesty is an epistemology directly opposed to the conspiracy mongering mindset.
Angelou on modesty and women's success, (https://www.
Summary: Suspect breached waitress' modesty, molested her while she was returning home after midnight
Their religious and cultural beliefs and practices about modesty influence their behaviors and responses to healthcare providers.