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In the entire population, if women aged 45 years improved all three modifiable risk factors, they could reduce the overall 20-year risk by 1.
A payment, usually called modifiable alimony, is reduced on the occurrence of a contingency related to a child (with the corresponding reduction being classified for tax purposes as child support).
Here, again, this may be modifiable and the concentration of homocystine reduced through diet with the administration of folic acid, a vitamin found in green, leafy vegetables.
Value-based design, the practice of investing in the most vulnerable populations that could benefit from modifiable behavior change strategies, is not simply a cost-reduction strategy," says Cyndy Nayer, president of The Center for Health Value Innovation.
Of the modifiable lifestyle factors, it is primarily hormone replacement therapy and a lack of physical activity that increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer.
Identifying modifiable predictors could help reduce the burden of readmissions.
In "Curve Shifters," Farley and Cohen identify four modifiable components that influence our health environment or "healthscape": a) accessibility of healthy (e.
A range of modifiable factors, including clinician support, may encourage mothers to continue breast-feeding their infants.
The platform consists of the key telephony and personal information management applications, browser and messaging clients, a complete and modifiable user interface.
Exercise is a universal modifiable factor that probably needs a greater emphasis in stroke-prevention campaigns than it has been given,'' Sacco said.
Salamone "has shown that it is possible to make modifiable changes that can have an impact on osteoporosis.
By adopting Caligari's truePlace technology, virtual communities will have access to the necessary tools to allow their users to own and develop totally unique 3D spaces using easily modifiable prototypes and make them accessible through a simple click of a hyperlink.