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"PURE indicates that a large proportion of cardiovascular disease and premature deaths could be averted by targeting a few modifiable risk factors," Yusuf and colleagues write.
However, in patients with two or more modifiable cardiovascular risk factors, genetics play a less decisive role in the development of CAD.
But a major modifiable risk factor of dementia that accounts for 9 percent is hearing loss.
"CV risk is going to increase no matter what you do, so you have to control the modifiable risk factors as much as possible," says Dr.
"We believe that cerebral blood flow is a highly modifiable factor that is a crucial element for reducing hypoxia, improving energy production, and increasing protein synthesis to prevent dementia," Dr.
While public health intervention won't prevent or cure all potentially modifiable dementia, intervention for cardiovascular risk factors, mental health, and hearing may push back the onset on many people for years.
Of the total 1.57 million cancer cases in the United States in 2014, researchers determined that 42 percent were attributable to these modifiable risk factors.
The researchers concluded that more than a third of dementia cases could be prevented by controlling certain modifiable risk factors, most of which you can address in middle and older age.
A survey of more than 47,000 adults revealed that about one in five people who have at least five modifiable risk factors for heart disease, such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, a diet lacking in fruits and vegetables, and a sedentary lifestyle, don't think they should do anything to improve their health.
A panel of international experts identified "modifiable risk factors" they believe are responsible for about 35 per cent of all cases of dementia, including Alzheimer's.
Introduction: In Australia, 11.7m adults have at least one modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease, yet clinical screening for key risk factors such as blood pressure and waist circumference are not routinely monitored in clinical settings.