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The six modifiable cardiovascular risk factors were a body mass index greater than 25 kg/[m.
Given the high incidence of residents with modifiable risk factors, residency training should include strategies designed to increase awareness of these risk factors among the residents themselves, and to eliminate them, the researchers said.
However, these models can include components that model the impact of population changes in both modifiable and nonmodifiable risk factors.
Gamma, color temperature control, RGB, and gain/offset are modifiable on a per-input basis with password-protected access.
The company offers both modifiable off-the-shelf (MOTS) software that addresses the cost, customization, implementation and support challenges facing state and local governments, as well as a range of pure custom development services.
Built on business intelligence technology with a modifiable health care-oriented star schema structure, MedInitiatives will allow us to integrate the measures we develop and make sense of the data in a user-friendly Web environment already proven in the health care segment.
The Fortune 500 corporations we've talked to are going to use it to run consumer contests, showcase new services, demo new products, announce trade show programs, serve as a modifiable membership card, and as a portable way to deliver important or proprietary information," Parker said.
gamma, color temperature control, RGB gain/offset) are modifiable on a per-input basis with password-protected access.
With its explanations, modifiable examples, and exercises, this single e-book helps students learn and solve problems quickly, and serves as a reference after finishing the courses.
Many modifiable health risks such as lack of exercise, poor nutrition, obesity, stress and smoking are associated with increased health care costs.
It is modifiable and modifiable before you become pregnant so it's another reason why women should avoid becoming obese before pregnancy and between pregnancies.