modification of the law

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The opposition MPs denounced the frequent modification of the law.
Clarifying that there was no room for modification of the law, he added that recommendations could be considered when the need arose.
POVEK is asking for a modification of the law in order to increase the fines imposed on those breaking the law, with the highest fine reaching a hefty e1/4100,000 and a daily fine of e1/45,000 for repeat offenders.
It would be the first major modification of the law since its previous major revision in 1997.
The Major League Baseball Players Association called for a repeal or modification of the law, which the association says could have a negative effect on the 28 percent of baseball players who are foreign-born.
So far, the division of administrative workers was limited, but the modification of the law decision will solve this.
Surely, the modification of the law will change the current media situation for the better.
1877: "The Congressional delegation from the coast should, at an early day, secure a modification of the law against cutting timber on Government lands or the passage of a law authorizing settlers to purchase a given number of acres of timber land," the newspaper opined.
Cloud citizens to consider whether it has grown to the point that it would benefit from a second hospital choice and should seek a modification of the law.
However, the modification of the law does not change the current rule that participation of a taxpayer's spouse is taken into account in determining material participation.
Since the modification of the law, over 50,000 cars were imported in Macedonia but many of them remained unsold.
The People's Assembly endorses modification of the law of foundation of the private and Islamic banks.

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