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Presently, countries like the United States, China and Canada dominate the global consumption of modified atmosphere packaging materials, machinery and gases.
During the second screening, all groups then viewed a series of mixed images of both surgically modified and non-modified vulvas.
Fuller is one of only three drivers who has made starts in each of the 24 years of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, along with Carl Pasteryak and Jamie Tomaino.
In this article, clay/SBS modified bitumen composites were prepared by the melt blending with Na-MMT and OMMT, respectively.
Genetically modified mouse models provided scientists with one means of pursuing these goals.
Modified corn starch consumption grew by 14% during 2004 from 2003, while native corn starch consumption dropped 10.
In late 2003 and early 2004, researchers from NASA and Northrop Grumman conducted flights with two F-5E fighters, one with a modified nose.
But others emphasize that the study addresses neither potential risks to consumers nor the possibility that insects might quickly adapt to the modified crop, forcing farmers once again to resort to heavy pesticide use.
It could also allow an executor to elect to avoid the right-of-recovery rule by recognizing gain on an encumbered asset based on the difference between the debt and the modified carryover basis.
The classical theory of diffraction at plane apertures illuminated by normally incident light is modified so that diffraction on the source side of the screen is taken into consideration and the energy transport across the aperture plane is described by continuous functions.
Since they are more resistant to disease and weeds, genetically modified (GM) seeds produce better harvest yields.
In the present paper, ten points are presented with the adoption of the popular game Monopoly whose rules have been modified to create a shared but simulated introduction to social inequality.

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