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For additional information, the auditor examines the asset levels and auditors' propensities to modify the reports shown in exhibit 2.
This capability enables programmers to interact with, modify, and retrieve information on systems that are not licensed; what's more, it enables the creation of encoded scripts that are less likely to be changed by others.
In addition to PVC, Blendex products can be used to modify and toughen other polymers such as polycarbonate and polyesters.
Closset, Timminco Metals: "Sodium has been commonly used to modify the eutectic silicon since its first introduction in 1920.
com, which reports bargains on most of the items used to modify Macs, is looking forward to seeing the entries.
This report is based on the July 28, 2004 audio conference "The Role of Behavior Modification in Disease Management: How You Can Maximize your Program's Effectiveness" and the November 3, 2004 audio conference "Patient Engagement Strategies in Disease Management" during which Citrin, Lehman, Montijo, Navarro, Smith and Sullivan described which strategies healthcare organizations are using to modify behaviors to increase the effectiveness of disease management programs and strategies that are most successful at engaging members in disease management programs.
Corporate travelers using the GetThere online booking system now have an even more intuitive page for starting a search, and a more comprehensive side panel that allows them to modify various aspects of their trip without clicking back or starting over during the booking process.