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It further demonstrates the increasing probability that accounting firms will modify their reports as company size increases.
For additional information, the auditor examines the asset levels and auditors' propensities to modify the reports shown in exhibit 2.
Owners of garages claim that Sharjah Police are closing down workshops which modify cars or add accessories, even when those workshops are not involved in modifying exhaust systems.
The second proposal would modify the minimum distribution requirements to determine adjusted gross income (AGI) for Roth IRA conversions.
The court stated that although an employer may waive its right to modify or terminate benefits under a welfare benefit plan by providing for vested, unalterable benefits, such an intention on the part of an employer must be found in the plan documents and must be stated in clear and express language.
In addition to PVC, Blendex products can be used to modify and toughen other polymers such as polycarbonate and polyesters.
For many aluminum foundries, the question of whetehr to modify their melts remains a moot issue.
The effect of that election was to modify the normal period of limitations found in Sec.
Company says it's the largest producer of ground rubber in the U.S., recycling car and truck tires into materials that can be used to modify plastics.