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This modern variation on common law sentence modification allows legislatures to define the circumstances under which judges may modify sentences that have already commenced.
The State of Maryland is in many ways traditional, conferring jurisdiction on trial courts to modify sentences through its own Rule 35(b) analog, Maryland Rule of Court 4-345.
169) Equally unique is the broad discretionary authority enjoyed by Maryland judges who can, and often do, modify sentences for a wide range of reasons.
179) As of this writing, no further effort has been made to circumscribe judges' authority to modify sentences under Rule 4-345, and by all appearances, the continued use of judicial sentence modification in Maryland remains secure.
194) That these motions were filed by a law school clinic with stringent screening standards, rather than by pro se litigants, may explain the relatively high grant rate; however, insofar as the study remains descriptive of Wisconsin practice, it suggests Wisconsin judges continue to exercise their power to modify sentences within the confines of "new factor" law.
265) In Wisconsin, informal examinations of sentence modification suggest that despite stringent common law restrictions, judges remain willing to modify sentences in at least some cases.
Prior to the enactment of the Sentencing Guidelines, judges could modify sentences by invoking Rule 35 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.