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Also addressed are estate liquidity problems, including modifying (1) Sec.
The present invention relates to a rubber composition for tires, including: a modified diene rubber A which has been terminally modified with a specific acrylamide compound; a modified diene rubber B which has been modified with a silicon or tin compound and a specific modifying compound or with the modifying compound; and a silane coupling agent containing a mercapto group, the modified diene rubbers A and B, taken as a whole, having a weight average molecular weight falling within a specific range.
The work grows out of proposals that tinkering with the DNA in chloroplasts poses less risk of runaway genes than the more common strategy of modifying DNA residing in the cell's nucleus.
Metallocene-based resins are attracting most interest for modifying PP in durable goods ranging from automotive TPOs to filled and unfilled compounds for appliances, power tools, and medical devices.
The Court of Appeals noted that ERISA does not prohibit a company from terminating or modifying previously offered health benefits that are not vested.
The second involves the comparative effectiveness of the three major modifying agents, Na, Sr and Sb.
Specialty is activating or modifying a material to suit a particular requirement.
But only fish oil, he says, appears capable of also modifying blood pressure.
Dexco is developing a Vector 6000 series of SBS copolymers for modifying polyolefins, styrenics, engineering thermoplastics, recycle blends and alloying.
Weiner envisions that this process, in addition to modifying the blood of patients with ischemic disease, could help transfusion patients with sickle cell disease, because their painful sickling occurs only when affected blood cells give up their oxygen.