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The collection that hits the shelves this autumn has a plethora of obsequious designs exuding modish sophistication for the fashion conscious man and woman.
ROOMS AT THE TOP: The modish living room and kitchen, top right, of an apartment at the Malmaison, above right Pictures: HOWARD DAVIES
This book is deeply informed by critical theory, Foucault in particular, and one finds the inevitable modish discussion of Caesarian "self-fashioning.
China of the Ming dynasty appeared to have it all, including intelligence and good looks, but it tended to be shallow and modish, was ruled by an unworthy elite, and had begun to discern the contempt with which it was beheld by the West.
The contributors to the book show how the explosion of counterfeit medicines in less-developed countries gravely damages the health of the poor and is encouraged by a lack of enforceable property rights and weak rule of law; endemic corruption in the health systems of less developed countries imperils the health-related Millenium Development Goals; the UN's centrally-planned HIV/Aids and malaria programmes have harmed patients and wasted resources; government attempts to plan and control universal healthcare systems result in rationing, inequitable access and entrenched corruption; and the structure and funding of the World Health Organisation leads it to focus resources on the modish health issues of wealthy countries instead of its core business of fighting the diseases of poverty.
Modish new hotels and world-class restaurants are popping up all over the city, and there's a general sense that much like her fabled daughter Miss Scarlett O'Hara, this gal will never go hungry again.
The gallery will also be showing twentieth-century furniture, such as this modish Ball or Globe chair (1966; right) by Eero Aarnio.
The top floor flat even has a modish sleeping loft overlooking the living space below.
Adams added a cool modish melody with his second guitar, keyboards and ray gun to the group's blend of classic rock and punk a la the Velvet Underground and the Cramps.
Yet modish subjects come and go, brought to the fore by anniversaries, by current events and by the publicity machines of Hollywood.
Modish menswear Cashmillion knits pounds 8, tint jeans from pounds 5, casual and formal twill shirts pounds 6, and semi-lined tuxedos pounds 50