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'We are such stuff as dreams are made of.' Quoting modishly from Shakespeare at the start of his narrative, he signals his intention to adopt a view of the individual as a mysterious and irrational entity and to draw a distinction between holistic consciousness and narrow intelligence.
These feet contrasted strongly with the feet of the young, feet fresh from college campuses and offices, feet modishly shod, free, it seemed, from the bunions and the calluses and the memories of the old.
In a modishly self- conscious way, but one that is at odds with the assumed narrative voice, the "tale" engages in a tired exercise by incorporating titles of books by, for example, Buchi Emecheta.
Two twin brothers stop Truman on his way to work every morning, then pose him against an ever-changing sidewalk ad, whether for Kentucky (the "fried" is modishly silent) Chicken or Colonial Homes.
His painfully sincere and modishly multicultural utopian fantasies Amelior and Amelior Regained have enjoyed a stupefyingly inexplicable success similar to that of Robert Waller's The Bridges of Madison County.
To the extent that Alpers means to argue the importance of Rubens's innate creative impulses--whether masculine, feminine, or modishly mixed--her project is significant.
Her eyes are intent beneath modishly cut white hair, which in her youth resembled Schweitzer's own undisciplined thatch.