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Whether nude or in modishly modified practice clothes (which is what so much dance is today performed in), my own feeling is that dance, be it classic or modern or all those varieties in between, often lacks the designer's touch.
And it is also modishly literary: the clue chase is based on poetry and the fact that the sleuth is lecturing on detective fiction at an Oxford college and is a feminist called Theresa 'Terry' Williams (Ms.
In a modishly self- conscious way, but one that is at odds with the assumed narrative voice, the "tale" engages in a tired exercise by incorporating titles of books by, for example, Buchi Emecheta.
Two twin brothers stop Truman on his way to work every morning, then pose him against an ever-changing sidewalk ad, whether for Kentucky (the "fried" is modishly silent) Chicken or Colonial Homes.
His painfully sincere and modishly multicultural utopian fantasies Amelior and Amelior Regained have enjoyed a stupefyingly inexplicable success similar to that of Robert Waller's The Bridges of Madison County.