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Krulak was a leading member of the FCR team that built the modular business that formed the foundation of FCRC's flagship project, 461 Dean Street, the tallest modular building in the world.
Global Modular Systems operates as a full service clean room manufacturer and is a leader in the industry.
Modular buildings offer owners increased flexibility not only in the application of the building, but also in the acquisition itself.
Some customers compare the modular conveyor design to Lego interlocking building blocks.
Modular construction has its challenges, and one of them is that the homes are constructed sometimes hundreds of miles away from their eventual destination.
As impressive as the FCS demonstrations were, their demonstrators were quick to point out that the FCS program supports the Army's larger vision of building modular forces that will play a key role in joint operations.
A systems supplier may gain even greater efficiencies by spreading the development cost of a single component--as part of a modular system--across the vehicle lines of several manufacturers, and still provide the unique brand characteristics that each automaker requires.
Whatever happened to the simple elegance of modular storage and reducing cost?
Using the Direct Matrix Architecture, the modular Symmetrix DMX800 system ushers 100% of Symmetrix technology performance and software functionality into smaller, more cost-effective increments without requiring costly raised-floor data center environments.
In the past 20 years, modular construction, which includes both temporary and permanent structures constructed in a factory, "has been huge for education," says Barbara Worth, assistant director, public relations and policy at Scottsdale, Ariz.