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Do you want a neighborhood modular school or do you want kids bused 10 miles away to an overcrowded campus with relocatables?
Modular conveyor systems can not only accommodate the changeover of production flow, but they can also be easily moved out of the way to facilitate the retooling of machines.
They specialize in custom residential projects, green modular construction, and in-fill urban development.
Schoomaker added that a restructuring of FCS last year reduced the program's cost from $34 billion to $25 billion, and that over the past several years the Army has terminated some 120 other programs to free up funding for FCS and help move the current force into brigade-based modular units.
Prefabricated modular buildings, like Yale University's new Tomkat Hall dormitory and a privately owned upstate New York home, offer the unique advantage of combining a purchase with a rapid delivery time.
Suppliers can maximize their market potential by specifically orienting their own products to the lead vehicles of the modular system and/or to customers' platforms.
Network-based modular storage systems deliver greater flexibility to address performance, capacity, and availability requirements.
Each modular feeder is suspended from three K-Tron weight-measuring devices called Smart Force Transducers (SFT).
Modular cleanrooms are an affordable cleanroom environment structure.
A Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) is a means to assess and implement, when feasible, widely supported commercial interface standards in developing systems using modular design concepts.
Storage solutions are created from flexible, modular "building blocks" based on open standards.