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Therefore, the researches presented in this paper are proposing a simplification of the working procedures in the workshop, through introduction of modulated elements.
The first home-care device in Japan that has adopted a modulated waveform, the HV-F3000 is shipped with a special pad for treating knees.
Although the carrier is capable of going great distances, the modulation is much more fragile and degrades over distance quickly, so one might be able to recover the voice modulated signal a mile or so away.
Postoperative radiotherapy of paraspinal sinus tumours: A challenge for intensity modulated radiotherapy.
However, these jitters cause blurs and degraded picture quality in the case of analog FM modulated video recording.
In communications, signals have been modulated by amplitude or by phase.
com/research/bcec82/an_introduction_to) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new report "An Introduction to Wavelet Modulated Inverters" to their offering.
Spontaneous and nitrosourea-induced primary tumors of the central nervous system in Fisher 344 rats exposed to 836 MHz modulated microwaves.
NYSE:A) today introduced a measurement system optimized for analyzing modulated wideband communications signals that require wide-bandwidth signal analysis -- going beyond the capabilities of traditional spectrum analyzer-based analysis approaches.
The cross modulated technology can achieve line-screen rulings up to 340 Ipi.
Epidemiologic studies to determine whether endotoxin is associated with increased asthma risk and how this risk is modulated by other asthma risk factors
The SEP is unique in that it combines all of the necessary processing required to accept digital video streams and deliver them directly as modulated analog NTSC video for distribution to customers' homes in a single one rack unit platform.