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The new modulating burner is available as an option on all gas fired vertical boilers in Fulton's range, including the J Series and new VMP multi-port tubeless steam boiler.
In sine-triangle PWM, a common triangular carrier signal is compared with the three phase modulating sinusoidal signals of required magnitude and frequency to generate PWM signals.
Chapter four also contains the development of the non-dyadic type multiresolution analysis, that are responsible for sampling and recontruction of three continuous time reference modulating signals for three phase inverters.
Cambridge, MA) has patented methods and compositions for modulating polyamine pathway activity as a means for ameliorating neurodegenarative disorders.
BCH Ltd, the manufacturers of the liquorice machines, achieve this by incorporating a pneumatically actuated two-port modulating valve, from Spirax Sarco Ltd, tel:0124 252 1361, to modulate the flow of the 10 bar g steam supply to the heat exchanger.
The new modulating valve on the micro Trac 2 opens slowly and precisely, reportedly reducing heater operation and resulting in less energy consumption.
By putting different combinations of the genes into yeast, the researchers determined that the RAS gene products regulate growth in yeast solely by modulating adenylate cyclase activity.
com/research/e3e906/aneurysm_flow_modu) has announced the addition of the "Aneurysm Flow Modulating Device Market Current Status & Strategic Opportunities" report to their offering.