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Biopharmaceutical company Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company Ltd (NYSE:BHVN) reported on Wednesday the receipt of a Notice of Allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) covering certain prodrugs of the glutamate modulating agent riluzole.
Based on Fulton's existing on/off burner, the new modulating burner uses a linkageless burner management system to operate two modulating actuators.
In sine-triangle PWM, a common triangular carrier signal is compared with the three phase modulating sinusoidal signals of required magnitude and frequency to generate PWM signals.
Techniques for modulating UWB pulses include Pulse Position Modulation and Pulse Amplitude Modulation.
One method of reducing the cost and complexity of the transmitter is to exploit the advantages of directly modulating the microwave or millimeter-wave carrier signal.
The significance goes beyond astrophysics,as these developments seem to open a new way of modulating signals for communications technology.
Chapter four also contains the development of the non-dyadic type multiresolution analysis, that are responsible for sampling and recontruction of three continuous time reference modulating signals for three phase inverters.
M2 PHARMA-July 13, 2017-Biohaven awarded US Notice Of Allowance for patent for glutamate modulating prodrugs
Cambridge, MA) has patented methods and compositions for modulating polyamine pathway activity as a means for ameliorating neurodegenarative disorders.