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MODUS, civil law. Manlier; means; way.

MODUS, eccl. law. Where there is by custom a particular manner of tithing allowed, different from the general law of taking tithes in kind, as a pecuniary compensation, or the performance of labor, or when any means are adopted by which the general law of tithing is altered, and a new method of taking them is introduced, it is called a modus decimandi, or special manner of taking tithes. 2 Bl. Com. 29.

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Audickas, Modus Groups presence on the Nasdaq Baltic Market was a milestone in terms of increasing the companys visibility and helping to diversify its sources of financing.
Last June, Modus - which employs around 50 people - announced it was aiming for international growth after securing a PS2.
Modus specialise in providing unmanned underwater vehicle systems to subsea oil and gas and offshore wind developers.
The "tutok kalawit" modus involves the use of small sharp weapons like a knife or an ice pick, which robbers use to discreetly threaten victims into giving up their belongings without attracting public attention.
No compromises have been made on safety and the Modus is the latest in a long line of Renaults to be awarded five stars from Euro NCAP.
The development was delayed for months because of flooding concerns, and then Modus went bust in June, 2009.
The Modus City Spires scheme (see artist's impression) was planned for a site on the city's Cambrian Centre.
THERE'S something about Renault's Grand Modus that makes it delightfully easy to warm to as soon as you see it.
THE Renault range of family cars will grow next year with the arrival of the Grand Modus and Clio Sport Tourer on the tailpipe of the recently announced Laguna Sport Tourer.
RENAULT'S Modus MPV hasn't sold as well as it was intended to, apparently because customers found it a bit too small.
MPVs have always been a happy hunting ground for Renault so the company has launched two new versions of the Modus small MPV.
En el reportaje titulado El cardenal y su "pandilla" publicado el 19 de agosto en Proceso 1607, se refiere que el tambien arzobispo Norberto Rivera Carrera ha sido acusado de un presunto fraude multimillonario y se describe el modus operandide la delincuencia clerical.