modus vivendi

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There is no doubt, says Mearsheimer, that progressive liberalism has triumphed over modus vivendi liberalism.
Esta situacion de disparidad en el acceso a rendimientos de sistemas sociales impacta fuertemente en las posibilidades de realizacion del modus vivendi y conduce a un persistente descenso en los niveles de confianza institucional en America Latina.
It's a somewhat reliable modus vivendi to keep the pretence of talking to a democratically elected regime without the fear - and one hopes this bit the Pak generals will ensure - of having the dialogue scuttled through adventurism of the kind seen in Kargil after A B Vajpayee took a bus ride to meet Nawaz Sharif in Lahore.
Modus Vivendi Liberalism is ambitious, thoughtfully organized, and challenging, constructing a consistent and well-defended narrative characterized by a high level of rigor, and providing a model of probing philosophical argumentation.
They do so by transforming subjective concerns into projects (or specific courses of action) and reproduce them by establishing pleasing and/or sustainable practices, a modus vivendi. The viability of these different modus vivendi is, in keeping with Archer's theoretical approach, socially shaped rather than determined.
Music sessions at an underground LA club led to Sam signing for the trendy Modus Vivendi label.
A mayday call was received by the Coastguard at 11.45pm on Tuesday after the luxury Modus Vivendi lost her steering less than a mile from Kilmore Quay, Co Wexford.
"Hopefully the NLD and the junta can work out some kind of modus vivendi together in relation to the referendum on the constitution and elections," he said.
Tal postura iba mas en consonancia con la estrategia de los obispos mexicanos, proclives a resolver el conflicto a traves de un modus vivendi: la aplicacion laxa de las leyes persecutorias.
Mediante ingeniosos y brillantes relatos propone al lector una inmersion en la realidad vivida por gente real, en sus preocupaciones fundamentales, deliberaciones, cursos de accion y modus vivendi resoltantes.
Amazingly an anti-hero admiration for one of the two victims' modus vivendi was detectable in the argot of some obituaries.
But like a lone soldier, Tabarra creates his modus vivendi with the bitterness of someone conscious that he is fighting a war he can never win.