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Joint tenants own their estate by the moiety.


Joint Tenancy.

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(moy-et-tee) n. Half. Generally a reference to interest in real property, moiety is seldom used today.

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(pronounced ‘moy-ettee’) a half
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MOIETY. The half of anything; as, if a testator bequeath one moiety of his estate to A, and the other to B, each shall take an equal part. Joint tenants are said to hold by moieties. Lit. 125; 3 M. G. & S. 274, 283

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The random copolymer, poly(TEMPMA-ran-NIPAAm), showed thermoresponsivity, and its lower critical solution temperature (LCST) was observed at 31[degrees] C, which was slightly increased to 33[degrees] C after oxidation of tetramethylpiperidine moieties (Figure 2(a)).
These rules define the strongly correlated glycan moieties to express their associated functions.
The main thrust appears to have been an emphasis on the part women played in the construction of the mundane world of moieties, clanship, family houses and residential patterns, as well as in gardening and the politics of exchange.
It was postulated from these water up-take studies that the rate of water-uptake in the emulsion films was controlled either by film formation or residual ammonium acrylate moieties within the films.
classified] in two distinct divisions, or moieties ...
Known amounts of purified chloroperoxidase formed by adding purified heme protein and flavoprotein moieties in a 1:1 molar ratio were added to a reaction mixture containing 10 mM NaCl, 440 [[micro]meter] [H.sub.2][O.sub.2], and 50 mM phenol in 100 mM/phosphate buffer, pH 5.0 (Chen et al., 1991).
The newly synthesized low-dimensional network is unique in the sense that the potassium metal ion is forming seven bonds through coordination with the four sulfide ions of thiol moieties of four different thiadiazole rings, one bond with nitrogen atom of azine nitrogens and two bonds with oxygen atoms of two hydroxyl ions observing a distorted pentagonal bipyramidal geometry.
Gas hydrates are crystalline water-based solids physically resembling ice, in which small non-polar molecules (typically gases) or polar molecules with large hydrophobic moieties are trapped inside "cages" of hydrogen bonded water molecules.
Therefore, when internal stimuli sensitive materials combine with a small amount of photosensitive moieties, the effect of photoreaction may be amplified by the internal stimuli [14].
Ultrasound may be used initially to reveal a thin-walled cystic structure near the base of the bladder, dilatation of one or both moieties and associated duplex system.
Additionally, Mersana's Fleximer-ADC technology provides several key advantages over currently available approaches, including: ability to deliver alternative payloads beyond anti-tubulins; opportunity to significantly increase drug loading per antibody; and potential use with antibody fragments and alternative targeting moieties in addition to monoclonal antibodies.
Recent work indicates that multiple, low-energy stereoisomers of the radical may be present due to small energy changes resulting from both the chirality, and the free rotation, of the hydroxy and peroxy moieties. In this work, we summarize current efforts to calculate Boltzmann-weighted average molecular energies for the radicals.