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Joint tenants own their estate by the moiety.


Joint Tenancy.

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(moy-et-tee) n. Half. Generally a reference to interest in real property, moiety is seldom used today.

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(pronounced ‘moy-ettee’) a half
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MOIETY. The half of anything; as, if a testator bequeath one moiety of his estate to A, and the other to B, each shall take an equal part. Joint tenants are said to hold by moieties. Lit. 125; 3 M. G. & S. 274, 283

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It is quite clear from the results shown in Table 3 that polyurethane adhesives with aromatic isocyanate moiety shows a little faster curing rate with respect to the adhesives samples possessing aliphatic isocyanates moiety.
Among them proton at [[delta].sub.H] 5.47 (1H, d, J = 7.0 Hz) was assignable to anomeric proton of the sugar moiety. The [sup.13]C-NMR spectra of (Table 5) showed signals equivalent to total twenty-one carbons, in which 15 carbon signals at [[delta].sub.C] 177.5 (C), 164.3 (C), 161.2 (C), 156.3 (C), 156.2 (C), 144.8 (C), 148.5 (C), 133.4 (C), 121.6 121.2 (C), 115.2 (CH), 116.2 (CH), 104.0 (C), and 98.7 (CH), were assignable to a 3-O-substituted quercetin.
Renal sparingsurgery gives very good prognosis in cases of early diagnosis of duplex kidney with renal malignancies like renal cell carcinoma or multicystic renal cell carcinoma which have good prognosis with preservation of normal function of remaining kidney as seen in our case in which left duplex kidney was associated with lower moiety renal cell carcinoma.
After 30 minutes of radiography, we saw a blurring and suspicious shadow, suggesting probable right upper pole moiety with its proximal ureter.
The 1H NMR spectrum of 5 shows signals at 0.26 and 1.06 ppm for methyl groups involved in the tert-butyldimethylsilane fragment; at 1.60 ppm for methyl group bound to steroid nucleus; at 1.28-1.50, 1.68-6.82, and 7.30 ppm for steroid moiety; at 7.10-740 ppm for protons involved in indole group; and at 8.30 ppm for amino group.
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PNIPAM contains a hydrophobic as well as a hydrophilic moiety. The isopropylic moiety is hydrophobic whereas the amide moiety is hydrophilic.
Triple conjugate employs a protein moiety capable of binding selectively to a particular target site (affected organ), a polymer moiety covalently linked to a protein, and an active drug moiety.
These particular features provide diverse function to the glycan moiety. The contribution of component sugar residues, particularly terminal sugar and their vicinal and consequent sugar residues, sequence, linkages and anomery has not been related to its function as yet.
Phosphorylcholination is known to happen in many organisms and involves adding a small chemical group, called the phosphorylcholine moiety, to a target molecule, he said.
The tumor accumulation could be further improved by attaching a targeting moiety to MSNs, the researchers said.
The outcome, according to the company, is improved efficacy, which leads to lower dose levels and consequently lower cost of goods; while still providing improved ADME profile due to the addition of the PEG moiety.