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The trend is so strong, Moiler says, that he wouldn't be surprised if some cuckoo lineages specializing in short-distance migrants face extinction in a matter of decades.
Stevenson, Mark, LJ Wallace, James Harrison, Jerry Moiler and Richard Smith 1998 'At risk in two worlds: Injury mortality among Indigenous people in the US and Australia, 1990-92', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health 22(6):641-4.
Recently, researchers have revised this model (Cury, Elliot, Da Fonseca, & Moiler, 2006).
group executive vice president and CFO: Kiaus Moiler, director group marketing; Martin Wiese, group VP R&D: Svend Johnsen key manager protective; Lars Hermansen, Key manager container: Jacqui Knott.
While MOiler studies the influence of the role (A, B, or C) on the results, this only partially overlaps with the narrative/discussion distinction, because of the mixed role of the A participants, who retold the first part of the film without a hearer and participated in the discussion of the film with B.
Chris McDonough Moiler UK marketing and ROD director
Flexible transnasal laryngoscopy with the Moiler maneuver was used to confirm that the uvula and soft palate were the most likely sources of snoring.
In: Larsen, Svend Erik, Kristensen, Thomas Moiler, Moiler, Per Grau & Pedersen, Steen Estvad (eds) City and Nature, Changing Relations in Time and Space.
THIS SEPTEMBER marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Marie Jean Paul Joseph Roche Yves Gilbert du Moiler de La Fayette, who was born in the Chateau de Chavaniac in the same room where his father had been born before him.
Bradley, David, Evelyne Huber, Stephanie Moiler, Francois Nielsen, and John D.
Both men and women commonly report having experienced verbal or psychological coercion as well as being taken advantage of in an intoxicated state (Anderson & Aymami, 1993; Anderson & Sorenson, 1999; Krahe, Scheinberger-Olwig, & Bieneck, 2003; Krahe, Waizenhofer, & Moiler, 2003; Larimer, Lydum, Anderson, & Turner, 1999; O'Sullivan, Byers, & Finkelman, 1998; Struckman-Johnson & Struckman-Johnson, 1994).