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Bruder's microwave-activated Thermalon moist heat wraps employ a new technology that brings moist heat treatments that were traditionally available in clinics into the home.
In just minutes the moist heat safely penetrates to melt the residues and fatty acids in the meibomian glands, allowing these lipids to again flow freely to the surface of the eye.
Moist heat, they say, is often recommended by physicians because it opens pores quickly, penetrates deeper and is more comfortable than dry heat.
Introduced under the Thermalon brand, the initial line featured a variety of moist heat products that were easy to use, portable and microwave-activated.
Other Thermionics items in the pain relief category include ThermiBeads, which provides moist heat therapy and soothing cold in a single unit, and Thermipaq Red Ice, portable hot and cold packs.
For their part, ThermalOn Microwave Activated Moist Heat products are tested and clinically proven to deliver analgesia, so they appeal to consumers seeking ways to reduce their dependence on systemic drugs to manage their pain, says Bruden
Company markets scooters, power chairs, lift chairs, moist heat therapy & diabetic supplies.
Among the company's selections are pads that offer dry heat, pads that provide moist heat, king-size pads that are as much as 60% larger than standard-size models and pads that provide heat plus massage.
Thermionics is now aggressively seeking retail placement for its ThermiBeads moist heat pads, which use radiant energy beads that absorb moisture from the air and then release it into a cloth cover after microwave heating.