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A common roof or window leak causes low-volume moisture intrusion that subjects the interior building components to an intermittent source and corresponding elevated MC, while a sudden plumbing leak may result in near saturated conditions.
If excess moisture is not removed, the presence of heat and pressure during molding can cause hydrolysis, which degrades the polymer or causes chain scissions that produce excessive outgassing, splay marks, or discoloration and compromise the physical integrity of the finished part.
Scientists at The Ohio State University found that changing the batter formulation in deep-fat frying by using a combination of flours, starches, gums and other ingredients makes it possible to control moisture loss and reduce oil uptake during the frying process.
Understanding the variability of soil moisture, using both spatial and temporal scales, is essential in quantifying water storage variation in the soil profile; this information is fundamental in flood prediction and forecasting studies and agro-climatic modelling, especially in eucalyptus plantations (Albergel et al.
In these experiments, individual female P aliena beetles were placed in 1 of 3 soil moisture levels in closed cages.
Soil moisture is an important variable in the climate system that integrates the combined influence of the atmosphere, land surface, and soil.
28, which state that there must be no more than 67ppm moisture present in the production of Medical Grade Oxygen.
Wood is dimensionally stable when the EMC (equilibrium moisture content) has been reached and the relative humidity and ambient air temperature are no longer changing.
The HE53 Halogen Moisture Analyzer provides fast and reliable moisture results, giving companies maximum control over their manufacturing processes and ability to optimize product quality.
Cosmic ray sensors are to be used to investigate UK soil moisture dynamics in a [pounds sterling]330,000 University of Bristol project funded by the Natural Environment Research Council.
It Is not enough to use lumber at 6-8% moisture content when producing cabinets and furniture.
The European Space Agency's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission includes the latest advance in using Earth-orbiting satellites for estimating soil moisture across the globe.