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Low Leverage, Manageable Capex: MOL guides for capex of USD1 billion in 2017.
Ali Murtaza Abbas, MOL Group Regional Adviser for ME, Africa and Pakistan in his message said, 'MOL Group is a responsible corporate entity that is operating worldwide.
Mr Ali Murtaza Abbas commented "The strategic cooperation between MOL Group and MPCL will form a technically and financially sound foundation, on which we can build our future business.
Informing the committee about the latest development in the investigation on the matter, Mr Shahzad said that MOL company had stolen crude oil after drilling a hole in the main pipeline and installing a new pipeline, adding that pressure of crude oil in the pipeline was 1500 PCI.
MOL has done a commendable job in coming forward to assist this project".
The top five teams receive the chance to start their career as Growwwers at MOL Group.
Ashish Khoria, Country Manager, MOL AccessPortal Pvt.
3) MOL continues to believe that tabloid style advocacy of human and labour rights does a disservice to the very cause of human rights of foreign workers and undermines the credibility of the advocating organisation.
Furthermore, Fitch considers that the macroeconomic situation in Hungary, rated BBB with a "negative" outlook, poses downside risks for MOL, which is, however, partly offset by the improved conditions for the oil and gas upstream business due to stronger oil prices and to a lesser extent, slight improvement in refining margins in 2010.
We are very pleased to help MOL extend their audience, and to offer gamers more local payment options to participate in their innovative online gaming platform," said James Flinterman, of Smart2Pay.
Dubai mayor was also eager to have a MOL Shop in the capital and there were 239 projects of MOL Shops, he said.
BU), Hungary's largest retail bank by total assets, and Hungarian oil and gas company MOL Nyrt (MOL.