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According to the data of concentration, the ratios of molar concentration of polydatin to resveratrol were calculated (Table 3).
The higher the molar concentration of R-32, the larger the difference between the concentration slopes of R-32 and R-125.
The aqueous molar concentration of a toxic metal ion [M.
We expressed the concentration of LMW phthalate metabolites as the sum of molar concentrations of MEP, MBP, and MiBP.
The results obtained in this research have showed that molar concentration of alkali in a processing solution has significant influence on characteristics of image as well as non image areas of the PP samles.
Despite using calibrators with SRM2B assigned molar concentrations, some degree of inaccuracy still persists in measuring Lp(a) mass because of the common use of polyclonal antibodies recognizing K4 type 2 domains.
Calculating the actual acrylate molar concentration helps explain the scorch time data.
A]/1000 converts number concentration into a molar concentration, [N.
The size and morphology of PANI and its nanocompo-site with different molar concentration of CuS nanopar-ticles are examined using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) (Fig.
In other study shown that from 24 experimented dermatophyt species, only trychophyton mentagrophyts had ability to growth in presence of cysteine 4% molar concentration [5].
The samples were immersed in KOH and NaOH solutions of molar concentration 0,2 mold[m.