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In addition, an increase in the concentration of [beta]HBA with advancing age of the animals was expected, since there was an increase in the starter intake from the fourth week of age (Figure 1) and a consequent increase in the molar concentration of butyrate in ruminal fluid.
With the assistance of peak area and standard curves, the serum concentration of each sample was summarized, and then the ratio of serum molar concentration of polydatin to resveratrol was calculated.
with or without a hepatic first-pass effect) can be easily distinguished by taking into account the plasma BPAG:BPA molar concentration ratio.
502] are the absorbances (at 1 cm cell path-length) of the lycopene/ [beta]-carotene mixture in the hexane extract at 450 nm and 502 nm, respectively; [lycopene] and [[beta]-carotene] are molar concentrations of lycopene and [beta]-carotene, resspectively; [[epsilon].
50] represents -log molar concentration of ayanin to produce 50% of the maximal relaxation.
In order to produce the most accurate Lp(a) mass measurement that is independent of apo(a) size, thus allowing an accurate report of Lp(a) mass in units of molar concentration (i.
The slope (ratio of molar concentration over peak area) for R-32, R-134a, and R-125 were 8.
003 g/mL, the molar concentration of the SRM 1932 is (61.
So, if solid FeS is present, the equilibrium molar concentration of dissolved cadmium can be no larger than