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The company disclosed that the Bioactive Moldable Bone Graft Matrix is a perfect trio of anorganic carbonate apatite bone mineral, 45S5 bioactive glass and highly purified Type I collagen that can be moulded into putty for filling irregular defect sites.
The company's sole product initially was an earplug made of a moldable clay mixture.
Then inspiration struck: the Pensation kit with a moldable polymer grip "so the writer could mold the pen to match their hand."
Virginia Tech noted that the team presented a paper, titled "Progress in the Development of Compression Moldable Composite Bipolar Plates," during the recent American Chemical Society National Meeting in Washington, DC
The soft, moldable, reusable silicone Putty Buddies earplugs are available in the Original or our patented Floating Formula, in 12 attractive colors.
DMS-4-828 moldable epoxy shim material is dimensionally accurate and millable.
The moldable audio connectors are available in sixes of 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm both male and female, in two-, three-, four-, five- and six-conductor versions.
has introduced PAD LOC moldable protective packaging, which provides superior cushioning (as measured by drop-test data) to traditional foam inserts.
The material is moldable and lends itself to being machined to meet complex configurations.
Because the material is injection moldable, it affords the freedom to design a wide range of bearing forms and functions, the company said.
SaniPure-60 clear flexible tubing with high biocompatibility is heat sealable, bondable, weldable, and moldable for custom assembly fabrications.
SaniPure-60 offers high biocompatibility and is heat sealable, bondable, weldable, and moldable for custom assembly fabrications.