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Meanwhile, SoundOff Signal, a global leader in lighting and electronic warning solutions, selected high-clarity MS1002 Moldable Silicone to fabricate a complex lens array, and then overmolded it with translucent, easily colorable MS0002 Moldable Silicone in a two-shot process.
The company's sole product initially was an earplug made of a moldable clay mixture.
Virginia Tech noted that the team presented a paper, titled "Progress in the Development of Compression Moldable Composite Bipolar Plates," during the recent American Chemical Society National Meeting in Washington, DC
The material is moldable and lends itself to being machined to meet complex configurations.
Because the material is injection moldable, it affords the freedom to design a wide range of bearing forms and functions, the company said.
SaniPure-60 offers high biocompatibility and is heat sealable, bondable, weldable, and moldable for custom assembly fabrications.
They also manufacture AlphaForm, a formable/ moldable induction heating ferromagnetic concentrator.
The Flexible Thumb Splint comes in left and right styles, with a rigid insert that is moldable to the shape of the patient's thumb for a more comfortable fit.
The body is not set in stone, but rather plastic and moldable, repairable and educable.
DuPont Flexwrap[TM] is a moldable flashing tape that provides seamless protection in vulnerable bottom corners and also flashes round top or custom shaped windows in a flash.
Phthalates have been used for more than 50 years to soften plastic products, making them more pliable and moldable.
Thus, the development of a synthetic, moldable bone graft is the primary goal of tissue engineered products industry.