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Applications: Solenoid encapsulation, rubber molding, pharmaceutical
Specializes in precision injection molds and molding using engineering thermoplastics.
These internal release aids are usually waxes, fatty acids, phosphates or other low molecular weight chemicals that migrate to the surface during molding and provide a barrier on the mold surface.
When beginning the molding process, adequate slurry conditioning and control is essential.
Blow molds for injection blow, reheat blow, and products up to 750-gal capacity for extrusion blow molding. Testing and prototyping facilities for all molds and all resins, including coextrusion and industrial applications.
The production of these components required higher levels from its phenolic urethane nobake molding line.
The Xtend products offer a wide selection of mold sealers and releases for all types of resin and composite molding applications including open molding, compression molding, vacuum transfer, RTM, RIM and filament winding.
Molding presses Akron Tire Engineering & Machine Co.
While the molding machines were new technology (see "The Best of Matchplate Molding," MODERN CASTING, August 2003, p.
The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will hold a course on "Molding of rubber and design of rubber molds," June 2-4 at the School of Continuing Education in Milwaukee, WI.
In order to highlight the very best foundries in matchplate molding, MODERN CASTING asked molding suppliers to nominate plants that have implemented cutting edge technology and engineering to make their matchplate operation the model of efficiency.