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The data from one complete molding cycle is collected with thermocouples and stored in the data logger.
And the crown jewel in molding - the show stopper - is crown molding, which is applied at the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling and is often accented with decorative pieces in the corners.
Flip-chip, a relatively new technology for microchip packaging, does not require wire or molding for the process.
Applications: Solenoid encapsulation, rubber molding, pharmaceutical
These internal release aids are usually waxes, fatty acids, phosphates or other low molecular weight chemicals that migrate to the surface during molding and provide a barrier on the mold surface.
When beginning the molding process, adequate slurry conditioning and control is essential.
Its products serve the manufacturing and plastic part and injection molding industries.
Specializes in precision injection molds and molding using engineering thermoplastics.
The production of these components required higher levels from its phenolic urethane nobake molding line.
These results can then be used to assist other members of the design to production team in sizing the injection molding machine for a given mold, optimizing injection molding cycle times and reducing plastics material scrap.
Engineering and toolmaking capabilities for injection blow and injection stretch blow molding using AutoCad and advanced Pro-E technologies.