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So, why is the permanent mold process ignored when it comes to magnesium?
Automotive Material Partnership, permanent mold could be a viable processing route to produce quality components of varying size and thickness.
It attaches directly to the mold and sends data wirelessly to a receiver attached to a PC.
A new ovenless molding concept in which the mold is electrically heated via a conductive coating was unveiled by Innovex Systems (formerly reSource, Inc.
However, if a person has a compromised immune system or has pre-existing dangerous sensitivities to certain allergens, an exposure to even the mildest levels of mold can cause a reaction that can be life threatening.
Except for these special cases, exposure to mold has not been shown to be a pervasive health problem for the population in general.
Homeowners have sought cures for their "pain" from insurance companies, mold remediation specialists, and, in some cases, the courts.
But as yet, he added, there is no scientific proof that airborne exposure to molds is linked to other adverse health effects, such as bleeding from the lungs, memory loss or lethargy.
Concerns do arise, however, when molds settle into your home and expand.
Certain molds, such as stachybotrys, aspergillus and penicillium, are capable of producing toxic compounds called mycotoxins.
Drawing upon its decades of loss prevention experience, Hartford Steam Boiler has modeled the Mold Protection Program after its successful approach to equipment breakdown insurance coverage.
Specializes in medium to large molds for injection, compression, structural extrusion blow molds, and other processes.