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Chen Chih-ming, head of Taichung's Office of Food and Safety Food Production Group said that when inspectors were sent last month, they found moldy dougan and three spices with dates that had already expired.
The recalls are based on consumer complaints going back to 2008 that some McNeil OTC products had an unusual moldy, musty, or mildewlike odor.
"I just saw `Juno,' and I absolutely love the music and immediately went out and got the soundtrack and the songs that you, Antsy Pants, and the Moldy Peaches sang were absolutely amazing!" he wrote.
Grabbing a bottle of bleach or bleach-based household cleanser to tackle that moldy bathroom wall?
Alfalfa cut in the flower stage that has kept most of its leaves is still a very good option, as long as it's not moldy. Mature idle horses will actually be better off with more mature hay, even if it's a grass mix," she said.
Inflammatory reactions--including eye irritation, respiratory infections, wheeze, bronchitis, and asthma--in workers in water-damaged or "moldy" buildings have been associated with the presence of high numbers of microorganisms (8).
Studies have shown that occupants of moldy buildings can suffer from adverse health effects ranging from eye irritation to severe respiratory problems to (rarely) death.
However, everyone should avoid eating--or even sniffing --spoiled foods that are moldy.
"It's a very reasonable, prudent position to say don't live in a moldy environment," says Dearborn.
IT was an evening of complete musical contrasts at King Tut's on Monday - the genuine musical exploration and ecleticism of Irishman David Kitt supporting the purported humour of New York's The Moldy Peaches.
When you put a wet cowhide holster in a plastic bag for about a week, it can get moldy. So can horsehide, but not as much.