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At the core of each Commons is a Molecular Disease Model of the pathways associated with each subtype of that cancer, hyperlinked to relevant references, trials, tests, and treatments.
D, principal investigator of the trial, reported that of the 17 evaluable patients, 11 experienced a reduction in levels of cytogenetic or molecular disease burden (as measured by cytogenetic tests or polymerase chain reaction, respectively).
Using the Molsoft ICM software suite, Plexus is developing Virtual Epitope(TM) databases of molecular disease targets for in silico design of structural mimics that can be readily synthesized, tested, and formulated as vaccines.
The Company leverages its insight into molecular disease mechanisms and its extensive anti-cancer clinical development expertise to drive its drug discovery and drug development process.
Bryan Brewer, Molecular Disease Branch, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, and RPR scientists - in the August 2nd issue of Nature Genetics.

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