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In addition to patented ingredients like Calcium D-Glucarate, Nutraceutix provides patented and proprietary technologies including CDT(TM) Controlled Delivery Technology, MDT(TM) Molecular Dispersion Technology, SET(TM) Self Emulsifying Technology, and LiveBac(R) Probiotics.
Nutraceutix also manufactures products for major brands utilizing proprietary processes of CDT(TM)Controlled Delivery Technology, MDT(TM) Molecular Dispersion Technology, PureTab(TM) Organic tableting, Cool-Tab(TM) and Live-Bac(R) probiotic caplets, as well as health supplement products containing the patented compound Calcium D-Glucarate(TM).
Panel Discussion: "Advancing Amorphous Molecular Dispersions Through the Clinic: Practical Aspects of cGMP Manufacturing"

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