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A convicted child molester argues for the only treatment which he believes will prevent him from re-offending
According to Angelides, even though police investigations into the case in 2013 found no evidence to charge the child molester's wife, the court ruling issued in December 2016 by Larnaca district prosecutor Evi Georgiou Antoniou found that the wife, who works as a schools officer, was also responsible as she was aware of and was actively involved in the sexual abuse of the minor.
Q (Manly): Was it your policy while bishop that someone who you believed was a child molester would not be a priest in the diocese of Orange?
It was an analysis - if you like - of the chilling thoughts of a child molester.
The group was formed after news earlier this month that a convicted child molester was released earlier than anticipated due to presidential pardon and that his victim, who lives in the same neighbourhood as him, was not informed of this.
So I say we should hang ALL child molesters for a first offence and that way we can be sure they will never harm another child again.
Research conducted by the FBI Academy's Behavioral Science Services Unit in Quantico, Virginia, divides child molesters into two groups based on descriptive typology.
The authority that monitors convicted child molesters said on Wednesday it would seek a court order after it emerged that he had been released without supervision and without anyone notifying his victim, now an adult.
They claim the men sent huge cash demands to the directors threatening that if they failed to pay they would be exposed as child sex molesters.
The authority that monitors convicted child molesters will seek a court order this week to put an individual under its supervision following the outrage caused by news of his early release 10 days ago.
Barber--who has said, "[Gays] are all child molesters"--and the Rev.