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Li, "A mollification regularization method for identifying the time-dependent heat source problem," Journal of Engineering Mathematics, vol.
As a storehouse of history, financial and otherwise, the bank is increasingly constructed as a vital source of social organization and mollification. While the resulting order often comes at an extremely high price, not the least of which is, in the case of A Tale, the life of Sydney Carton, it seems that the bank can breed stability, perhaps if, like Jarvis Lorry, it is willing to acknowledge personal as well as public forms of value.
A number of investigators have considered this topic and developed various methods including Quasi-reversibility [8], Tikhonov regularizations [9, 10], quasi-boundary-value method [11], Carleman estimate [12], mollification regularization [13], and Bakus-Gilbert method [14].
There is a critical aura about the volume that implies, or directly states, that Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention represents a "misunderstanding" and "Leftist" mollification of the real legacy of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz).
The firmness changes during the ripening result, predominantly, in the disruption of the cell wall (TUCKER, 1993), involving a complex interaction of the activities of amylose, galactose and pectinases with physical-chemical changes in the wall, (JERONIMO et al., 2007), causing, by this, the fruit mollification.
Phased implementation, adaptation with the exception of "core components," or some other token mollification is usually offered by advocates and those mandating model programs, but the model programs mandate is a declaration of epistemological war with no serious attempt to implement "government-to-government consultation" or to acquire a culturally competent understanding of AI/AN ways of knowing as they apply to behavioral health.
For this purpose we have to mollification and stock the ground and submergence the small bulbs in the soil in order that they superpose in the where about 2 centimeter depth under the soil.
To be fair to Metcalfe, he hasn't just got a flair for management-speak and mollification.
After he had eased the homecoming for several of them they began to refer to him as the Wife Intervention, Mollification, and Pacification person, the WIMP.
Mildred herself admits Veda is "spoiled rotten," and yet throughout the film she continues to present Veda with material gifts as a type of mollification both for the triangulation and the separation of the marriage.
tepidity and lukewarmness, and may bring my heart to a mollification, to a tenderness, as Job found it" (Sermons IX.
As well as mollification by assurances of loyalty, some investors and financiers calculated risk through the prism of race.