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But the move has not mollified animal rights campaign group Viva
I'm mollified by the fact he was able to win on a track he didn't seem to like.
But these opponents have been mollified by US Trade Representative (USTR) promises to check for cut prices imports and to launch anti-dumping proceedings when necessary.
Wolff was not mollified, telling Variety the PBS evening newscast had "no defense" in killing his interview with "NewsHour" correspondent Terence Smith.
These concerns were mollified to a large degree, however, when the standard was amended (by FAS 138), and the "normal purchase and sales" exception was clarified.
In the end, Anwar Sadat was mollified, Menachem Begin was infuriated, and Carter seemed oblivious to the consequences of his own confusion.
The 27-year-old believes the constant broadcasts have mollified the flock and stopped them from smothering each other to death from panic.
One listserve member routinely searches for abandoned property for clients, and tells the story of how doing so mollified a client's complaint about the fee.
Beyond tokenism, beyond being mollified by the symbolic use of the Decalogue, there is another danger: treating the Ten Commandments as a totem," says the editorial.
Hans Christian Andersen's childhood memory of having mollified a bailiff about to whip him "reads like a screen memory" (p.
imitating all the while the stance, walk, and gestures of the several characters, being in succession furious, mollified, lordly, sneering.