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According to the Times, Rudman, a former Republican senator from New Hampshire, was deemed a less-than-ideal candidate over fears by some that he would not "mollify the right."
Nothing is being taken for granted, but there seems to be some confidence in expectations that this package will attract enough votes as it includes the Republican favored measures, which -- and indeed because -- they are likely to mollify at least some of public cynicism of the "Wall Street rescue." Washington pundits reckon that a successful Senate vote should lead to a successful House vote too.
With international oil prices reaching astronomical new heights, and a government that has failed to respond with any coherent policies to mollify the impact on the country, Nicaragua could be heading for its worst economic depression in 70 years, according to Francisco Aguirre, president of the National Assembly's Economic, Production and Budget Committee, reports The Nica Times (May 30, 2008):
The enlightened factory may not mollify gays who know Ford as the company that caved to the AFA.
However, it may have been intended to mollify Shi'ite leaders, who claim that the Awakening Councils, which include former members of insurgent groups, have been inadequately vetted and may have been infiltrated by al-Qaeda.
This has angered the European Union (EU) automobile manufacturer sector especially, and the Commission seems keen to mollify its critics.
Sitting at the bar, his thumbs were speed-texting for England as he tried to mollify Madge.
The heads of companies such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche want the EU to mollify both the target and the timescale for achieving it.
Although critical of the management of the situation by himself and other top city officials, his account is unlikely to mollify peaceful activists or innocent passers-by shot by rubber bullets, tear-gassed, or otherwise abused by rioting police officers, as Stamper elides over the sequence of events concerning the use of force and blames the debacle on his own and others naivete, lack of resources, and the stereotypical thuggish anarchist bent on violence that is ubiquitous to police riots around the world.
So generous was the government's budget, in fact, that it appeared to mollify consumer ill will toward a series of recent interest rate increases.
Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon, who will retain his position along with other members of the management team, yesterday did his part to mollify public concern over the transition facing Australia's national airline.
Although NSAIDs may neither alter the risk of developing an invasive GAS infection nor accelerate an established infection, these drugs can mollify the signs and symptoms of streptococcal infection, possibly delaying appropriate management and treatment (3).