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We do tend to feel that way, disconnected and odd, at least in the first moments of a performance--until we find a groove, hit our stride or, as the French say, "ease into the bath.
Runtastic Moment Basic: Similar to the Moment Fun, the Moment Basic has a larger display and is available in beige and black for $129.
Bush at the White House), and Josh Rolnick, cofounder of the Moment Magazine-Karma Foundation Fiction Contest (below, bottom right).
Dubai Moments Credit Card gives residents an opportunity to show their affinity towards the city and get to know Dubai "Up Close and Personal.
There's never a dull moment when man of the moment Mario Balotelli is on the pitch and if he plays, let's hope he doesn't get caught up in the heat of the moment.
Samsung Moment will be available on November 1 and will cost $180 with a two-year contract.
They wanted to use the concept of the moment as a vehicle to accomplish this.
Included in this book is a "Pushy Moment Tracking Sheet.
For the full lists, and to vote for your favourite moment, log on to www.
The little, seemingly meaningless things you do from moment to moment combine together to create the life you live.
This moment, in which the boys read race in the "NO TRESPASSIN" sign, is full of significations, as Buck clearly implies in the answer he constructs: "no dogs n niggers erllowed" expresses their full awareness and defiance of the convoluted logic in the "ethics of living Jim Crow.
As teachers more aware of the moment, during lessons we can take more time to connect with the student rather than hurrying to a technical assignment or squeezing in yet several more points of instruction.