moment of change

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But it seemed as though in this moment of change he had at last perceived what a power he had been; for he remarked to one of the prosecuting counsel who had assumed a lofty moral tone in questioning him, that--yes, he had gambled--he liked cards.
Knowing my students' family experiences, which in some cases included losing a parent or other family member, and knowing how important family was to them, I felt that they could relate to my moment of change.
Egypt: Moment of Change edited by El Mahdi and Marfleet (2009) Exploring Egypt's growing unrest in the run-up to revolution.
Naughtie, 64, said: "It is a moment of change because you can't sit in this chair, working with such talented and decent producers, without being woven into the fabric of the programme.
The moment of change always comes in a Prime Minister's second term, when delusions of being a global player take over from the humdrum task of running GB plc.
He said: "After that report was not published I think that was the moment of change and the moment I thought that something had to be done.
IWA chairman Geraint Talfan Davies said: "This is a pivotal moment of change for the IWA, and we are delighted to have secured in Lee Waters someone who has already demonstrated a powerful capacity to bring practical innovation as well as challenge into the policy debate in Wales.
The eight contributors to Egypt: The Moment of Change provide a clear and concise depiction of how events and decisions from the era of Nasser through the present day have led to the untenable situation ordinary Egyptians face.
The moment of change championed by American Night is both intensely personal and politically prescient as the current debate over immigration rages on.
I would like many people to savor the moment of change in Japanese politics.
And I think this is a profound moment of change in Iran the implications and consequences of which we are yet to see fully unfold," she added.