moment of change

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But it seemed as though in this moment of change he had at last perceived what a power he had been; for he remarked to one of the prosecuting counsel who had assumed a lofty moral tone in questioning him, that--yes, he had gambled--he liked cards.
The moment of change always comes in a Prime Minister's second term, when delusions of being a global player take over from the humdrum task of running GB plc.
He said: "After that report was not published I think that was the moment of change and the moment I thought that something had to be done.
IWA chairman Geraint Talfan Davies said: "This is a pivotal moment of change for the IWA, and we are delighted to have secured in Lee Waters someone who has already demonstrated a powerful capacity to bring practical innovation as well as challenge into the policy debate in Wales.
I am dismayed to see politicians regarding this ban as a pivotal moment of change in the health of our nation, when there is no specific evidence to demonstrate such a ban will reduce tobacco consumption," said Philip Jenkins, MD of buying group Sugro UK.
I would like many people to savor the moment of change in Japanese politics.
And I think this is a profound moment of change in Iran the implications and consequences of which we are yet to see fully unfold," she added.
The logo for Qatarlyst represents a spark or a flash of light, which is designed to reflect a moment of change and new opportunities for the insurance industry flowing from the new solution that Qatarlyst provides.
Three weeks earlier, the regional superior and five regional council members of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ religious order wrote to Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the Vatican's apostolic nuncio to the United States, asking him to intervene in the diocese "to create a moment of change that will touch everyone in the diocese and will eventually bring healing, reconciliation and a renewed faith in this body of Christ.
When that happens, when you actually see that big argument come the other way, then I think you are at a moment of change, but I don't notice that at the moment.