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Accordingly it would be informative to have some understanding of what is the basic inner shape of this oral tool whereby the Kewa elicit their identities, whatever the quantal momentariness might be of the moments constitutive of this 'moment-by-moment' existential flow.
Visualizing the world as a contingency, and celebrating the momentariness of any coherent understanding, Kubrick unquestionably tests his viewers' sympathy in each of his films.
What was sown in momentariness is raised in still permanence.
Paradoxically, these are also the least photographic of his photographs, at least as I understand the photographic: as a field of indexically registered, automatic detail, which tends toward a chaos principle of frozen momentariness and punctal oddity.
relations that point beyond the momentariness of our act of
Nothing is excluded, which aids in recreating a feeling of spontaneity and momentariness.
In "The Sail of Ulysses" the "particular thought" is a "difficult inch," which is easily coaxed into "Plantagenet abstractions" and "stellar largenesses"; but Stevens warns that the poet must also resist the "law/that bends the particulars to the abstract" (392) in order to face the present in its strange momentariness.
The author considers that the same reasons we have to believe that there really are simples, also provide good reason to believe in their momentariness.
The presence of this mental image with its tension between the static apparition of the lady and the diversified movements of the falling petals, which create a harmony of timelessness and momentariness fixed by memory, is so intense that the poet seems to have forgotten the original scene of communication.
Out of pride he will understand that he should not murmur against the momentariness of life, and he will love his brother without any reward.
Our perception of the momentariness of beauty is the surest sign of the infinity of the imagination and the eternity of the self.
But then do we have to reject art for its momentariness and submit to silence, or at least dailiness, our becoming anonymously one with the mass of the world?