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14 February 2017 - US-based media company Momentous Entertainment Group, Inc.
Momentous Entertainment is a diversified media company with a focus on technology that creates, produces and distributes content across various media platforms.
This is a momentous event in aviation history," says Randall Sanada, Chairman of Jet-Alliance.
The Gauchos lost earlier this season to Pepperdine, which Northridge beat Thursday to start this momentous streak.
David Nahai called the water release a momentous event in the City's water history and its relations with the residents of Owens Valley, who have been at odds with the City over its water-gathering activities since the early 1900s.
This is truly a momentous and watershed event,'' Pepperdine President David Davenport said of the new bequest.
Mr Alfred Pisani, Chairman of IHI, said "Welcoming Istithmar Hotels as our partners with a substantial shareholding interest in IHI is a momentous occasion for our company.
We will continue to use innovative public relations methods to exponentially increase industry awareness about Ixia and create a momentous campaign for this leading company.
With all of our successful collaboration and hard work with the industry, we knew it was only a matter of time before this momentous event occurred," said Steve Dunlap, Finetre senior vice president and chief marketing officer.
Davenport comes with a solid track record in winning government funding and an in-depth knowledge of not only the biodefense industry and government agencies, but he has a proven ability to build strategic business alliances and develop products, all of which we believe, will have a momentous impact on our ability to further expand our internal programs, commercial business and support government research.
On Friday, April 28, a week after officially opening its doors to the public, local dignitaries, numerous celebrities and media from around the world will converge on the magical 1950s wonderland to celebrate the momentous occasion, beginning with a special ribbon cutting ceremony by the mayor of Branson at 4 p.
The MacLive scholarship program was developed to give creative students a unique opportunity to learn breakthrough techniques and to interact with creative professionals at what promises to be one of the most momentous learning events in North America.