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It constitutes another yet deeper difference between Virgil and his predecessors, one that defines even more momentously the astonishing originality of the Aeneid.
We are delighted to have been selected to execute such an iconic project in Saudi Arabia which substantiates our continuous effort to further expand and momentously grow in this promising country," DSI CEO Khaldoun Tabari said in an e-mailed statement to Khaleej Times.
In judging the end-result of a religious school (the most predominant alternative education school system of his time), Mann asserted that the education of the young to be good citizens was so momentously important a task that it could not be left to the negligence of the mere individual, but had to be carried out by the more rigorous and accountable state.
Momentously, though, in his third year in the trade in 1993, he won a National Coopers Federation competition against a handful of whisky apprentices.
As I explore later, the sense of solidarity felt among the women in their collective space was profoundly life-giving and as a result, the workshops overall became momentously life-changing for the participants.
What Goethe calls Ereignis--the word so momentously deployed at the conclusion of Faust II (Alles Vergangliche / 1st nur ein Gleichnis / Das Unzulangliche / Hier wird's Ereignis)--lies beyond the scope of efficient causation that had largely come to be regarded as the only paradigm of rationality since the scientific revolutions of the seventeenth century.
Thus, phytoplankton assessment studies could considerably provide critical information regarding the trophic status of the wetland and may momentously help in its conservation.
Warhol's Brillo Boxes, which were first displayed in 1964, demonstrate that two things can look outwardly the same and yet be momentously different.
Most momentously, 1973 was the year of the Yom Kippur War, from which ensued the oil embargo, the stage-three nuclear alert, the invention of "shuttle diplomacy" and the Middle East peace process, and the phenomenon of "Super K," the foreign-policy impresario who simultaneously wore the hats of secretary of state and national security adviser.
The mesmeric joy and sense of intense jubilation at seeing him overtake Timo Glock, who eventually succumbed to what was a momentously big gamble on dry tyres as the track got wetter, was almost too good to be true.