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According to Taylor, a person need not disengage always or frequently for things to change momentously.
For Cheney, "Shakespeare invents his famed authorship--self-concealment, complementarity, undecidability, negative capability--by countering the idea of the laureate or national poet established in antiquity by Virgil and rehearsed most momentously during the English Renaissance" by Edmund Spenser (19, original emphasis).
The idea was so momentously irrational it could only have been thought up by members of our ruling elite.
THE Apprentice's ninth series may have so far failed to produce anything momentously moronic - but last week's farm shop task produced some stinkers befitting of a silage pit in high summer.
The customer experiences, mainly in the fields like mobile and guest contacts, will be improved momentously via the deployment of the new Sabre Airline Solutions PSS.
Indeed, to envision sociology as nexus is to recognize its reach not only across fields of social science, and extending dialogically to various publics and movements, but also downward to the biophysical, to inquire most momentously into the relation between ecology and humanity.
This vision results momentously in Aeneas's conversion from the Trojan past to the Roman future.
As a result, the dilemma is momentously lifted, but then an uncharacteristically happy ending ensues, alerting us to the question of whether the way Philoctetes closes runs counter to the general sense of tragedy and to the rendering of Philoctetes as a protagonist with grim determination not to team up with the Greek leagues again.
In the first part, Gunnoe outlines the origins of the introduction of the evangelical faith to Heidelberg and the context of the composition of the momentously important Heidelberg Catechism.
The 32-year-old Rangers favourite was condemned to watch his teammates momentously lift the Rugby League Conference National title from the sideline last season as he recovered from an ill-timed broken leg.
23) This locution is especially appropriate to the present occasion, when the Western imperial project, now in its neo-colonial, neo-liberal phase, is led by the United States--an exceptionalist America, whose exceptionalism goes back to the "elected" Puritans' covenant with God and their momentously consequent willing submission to His call, a vocation, as it were, that passed over the radically temporal imperative of the local in favor of an abiding Telos: His "higher cause.
literatures of the world contain nothing so momentously said as that