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He fully appreciated the momentousness of the danger.
Visitors arriving at either of the two pools are greeted by their immensity and momentousness. Waterfalls flow over each side to pool at the bottom, draining into a mysterious dark pit in the center.
But it is more certain that they all sensed the momentousness and fragility of the present occasion, due precisely to a political climate hostile to abortion.
"Perhaps above all Life After Life is a fantastically ambitious novel, seeking to capture the complexity and momentousness of life itself, which succeeds on every level, and it is one of the best I've read in years." JILL OWENS
Why would such meets acquire momentousness if not for the predisposition shown by people to be carried away by the ramblings of lunatics whose favourite pastime has been pitting religions against each other.
Peter's Basilica, it rang as a harbinger of change and was hailed as "the most important religious event of the 20th century," such that people talked in terms of "pre-Vatican" and "post-Vatican," not as sweeping as BC-AD, but indicative of its magnitude and momentousness.
On Monday, President Barack Obama made history by becoming the first American president ever to visit Cambodia and Myanmar, but the momentousness of the occasion didn't seem to fully register with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was caught on film dozing off.
The momentousness of Godwin's impact upon the dominant utopian ideals of the period-we recall that he was with Condorcet the chief target in the first edition of Malthus's Essay on Population (1798)--is utterly lost here.
Another is that Mallon's approach takes Watergate's momentousness as a given instead of amplifying it for newbies' benefit.
Given the momentousness of such an endeavor and how much prominence the Iranian nuclear issue has been given, one might think that talk about exercising the military option would be backed up by extensive analysis of the threat in question and the different ways of responding to it.
I realized the momentousness of the occasion, and with a rigid sense of ritual that only awkward teenagers can so earnestly conjure, I thought that an appropriate soundtrack was de rigeur.
Despite the momentousness of the occasion, the last few days have seen complete calm in the capital Tunis despite the streets being plastered with party posters showing the local candidates and activists handing out campaign leaflets.