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Monadic second-order logic is used in algorithmic graph theory to describe a wide range of problems on graphs.
From the teleological unity of this musical system--the purposeful use of an omnipresent mathematical design--combined with the monadic impetus of lyric poems come the glorious accompaniment "images" of Schubert's songs: slowly rising arpeggios to express dreams or visions, the gradual ripple of harmonic progressions to reflect the glistening of water or hair, the association of water with a series of figurations of the tonic triad throughout Die schone Miillerin (1824), arpeggios gathered into dense chords to represent rolling, breaking waves, threnodic D minor harmonies to depict the pain of a departing lover, and something as simple as a descending semitone for the throb of pain (an affect known to J.
If treated in terms of the projected future position of a monadic point in space, the classical Newtonian approach for centre of mass dynamics, then it is true that this information is quickly lost, as the authors claim.
And yet amongst the generative non-matter/void, there are relations of perceiving--inner-outer, outer-inner--since some monadic points of perspective-seeing are weaker and subordinate (e.
32) It is at this point that the re-interpretation of preference as a comparison between monadic attitudes is crucial.
It seems possible to redescribe most or perhaps all bipolar moral claims as merely monadic ones ("Cain did wrong in committing murder" rather than "Cain wronged Abel by murdering him") and perhaps it would be possible to go the other direction too, redescribing merely monadic claims as bipolar ones ("Eve wronged God by violating his trust" rather than "Eve did wrong in violating God's law"--though that recasting of the issue seems somehow more strained).
Individuals should be understood in their necessary relationality and not in terms of atomic insularity or monadic self-containedness.
conducted at multiple levels: (1) monadic or single state (are
If these numbers represent a length, then if we ask how long something is, we count the number of monadic lengths involved.
Is this the eternity of finality, he wondered, or the monadic demise of the moon?
There is perhaps confusion over the notion of "subjective," which Lamont seems to think is a monadic property of an individual, and as a result rights are expressed "in human law just as they are, without needing significant interpretation.
Graph properties expressible in monadic second order logic are recognizable in polynomial time for graphs with bounded treewidth [8, 9, 10].