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MONARCHY, government. That form of government in which the sovereign power is entrusted to the hands of a single magistrate. Toull. tit. prel. n. 30. The country governed by a monarch is also called a monarchy.

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In this collection and elsewhere, Sharpe has drawn the landscape of seventeenth-century monarchical culture and brilliantly explicated its contours.
Norton is an honest scholar and her sections on Filmer and Locke, found interspersed, often too late, in the narrative, make it abundantly clear that these were two English gentlemen with rather similar underlying views on gender and the family who simply used the metaphor of family in opposing ways in their considerations of the monarchical state.
Democratized church structures, in which the laity has a determinative voice with the professional religious leadership at every level of church life, are more appropriate to the Christian ethos and the spirit of Vatican II than the absolutist, monarchical system we know today.
The reign of the Sun King, French monarch Louis XIV, (1643-1715) was a time in which political theorists sought to reformulate the theoretical basis for monarchical authority.
The end of monarchical absolutism and the failure of schemes for comprehens ive reform led not just to the definition of civil society as distinct from the state, but to more and more precise ideas of individual duty and human agency in the amelioration of social ills.
When a monarchical empire replaced a democratic republic in Rome, says Dowling (history and classical studies, Southern Methodist U.
Accordingly, Norbrook contends that Satan's appropriation of republican language and his colonizing journey to earth implicitly critique an ambitious, imperial, and monarchical Oliver Cromwell.
The consolidation of England into a monarchical commonwealth in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries created the possibility of polyvalent geographic identity.
Even Caliban's role finds a precursor in Jonsonian masques: "Caliban as a character springs from antimasque grotesque types" (53), characters opposed to the ultimately triumphal monarchical order which the masque celebrates, decidedly not intended to be sympathetic.
There was an ambiguous and limited tradition of female monarchical rule in the peninsula; most had acted as regents and many were a dim memory at best.
Similarly, such topics as premortem inheritance, monarchical and paternal authority, spiritual equality and political inequality in King Lear are shown to be contained within the contemporary "extensionist" semantics of Protestantism rather than anticipating the revolutionary radicalism of the 1650s.
Supreme Court on Friday said that grant of veto power to eminent persons under the Act amounted to conferring them with ' monarchical power' as they could then stymie the decision of the President as well as the Chief Justice of India regarding appointment of a judge.