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Las tres muchachas participantes, Ana, Celia y Susana, coincidieron al reportar que en esa ocasion ellas quisieron probar la mona que les invitaban sus amigos por el gusto de estar con ellos.
Tambien existen hordas de monos o de monas gramaticos que tienen prohibido comunicarse con los monos de otro sexo o de otras bandas.
Erzulie is the guide that delivers Miriam from the anti-Haitian raids in the batey-, the guide that safely delivers both Miriam and Micaela, as the sole survivors of the crossing of the Monas Canals; the protector who saves them from certain death at the hands of the multiple rapists that held them hostage in Puerto Rico; and ultimately, the guide that delivers Miriam to Micaela after her death.
As Christopher Walsh, President for Monas, says; The only thing Menuology doesn't do is print the menus, although it does let our clients decide where, when and how many to print systemwide.
Viages de Enrique Wanton al Pais de las Monas, Madrid, Libreria de Razola, 1831.
Meindl is masterful at exposing the many Monas dumped inside these boxes.
Vienen a Mexico y nos cambian espejitos por oro, y quieren que con cancioncillas muy monas el publico este fascinado.
Deus Monas Substantia Phaenomena composita Regio idearum Notio Notiones Leges naturae logisch mogliche completa completae gemass gemass Welten logischer Wahl der besten Kompossibilitat Welt
speaking countries' MONAS 'a genus of flagellates' NAIS 'a river nymph' NAIAS 'a genus of aquatic plants' NAOS 'an ancient temple' PUS 'a month of the Hindu calendar' RAJAS 'on of the three gunas in Hinduism' SANTOS 'Brazilian coffee' SIS 'sister' TAXIS 'the restoration of a body part' The examples listed above confirm my impressionistic view that (in English) it is easier to find quasi-pseudo-plurals than pseudo-plurals.
The main danger will probably come from Monas Magic, who has a plum draw as the sole wide.
Go for a stroll in Monas, a green central square full of families flying kites and dominated by a gold-topped obelisk.