monetary benefit

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Officer-in-Charge Maria Teresita Cancio of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) reported that 1,892 requests for assistance (RFAs) on Single Entry Approach (SEnA) were settled resulting to P140,156,665.69 monetary benefit to 2,799 workers.
Though still at an infancy stage, President Masisi said that unlike in the current format where beneficiaries were paid based on their input, the future holds an improved version of ISPAAD, where beneficiaries would be compelled to care for their fields with knowledge that the output could determine the ultimate monetary benefit from government.
The reduction (loss) of a monetary benefit can be a confusing and stressful experience if you're not prepared for the potential loss of income.
We need people in health care who are there for the patient, not the monetary benefit.
The complainant, however, argues that even if the post does not carry any monetary benefit, it gives the MLAs influence.
"Apart from the monetary benefit, this initiative entails impact on the precious use of water.
Dr Farrukh Javed, Agriculture Minister Punjab has issued directions to all the district coordination officers and staff of Agriculture department and pesticide inspectors to start a crackdown against the crooked business owners that are responsible for huge national loss just for monetary benefit.
The Service Delivery Model of Corban OneSource integrates the necessary components that may deliver clients with the desired results along with significant monetary benefit over the total expenditure.
Homeowner's policies differ with respect to the types of perils they cover, such as whether they include what's inside your home and the monetary benefit you would receive if your home is destroyed.
Today, nothing holds value except monetary benefit. People are increasingly becoming intolerant in life and lack patience.
Delivering ultrafine coffee down to 40 microns (um) at 150 kg/hr., while keeping temperatures cool (typically 90% cooler than stone grinders), the G7 merges the quality benefits of roller-style grinding with the monetary benefit of disc-style grinding, making it the valued equipment choice for Turkish coffee producers worldwide!
Likewise, we allow many other businesses to import cheap products, made by cheap labor, with no monetary benefit to our economy than low prices that mean less tax dollars to support our infrastructure.