monetary benefit

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We need people in health care who are there for the patient, not the monetary benefit.
The complainant, however, argues that even if the post does not carry any monetary benefit, it gives the MLAs influence.
Apart from the monetary benefit, this initiative entails impact on the precious use of water.
The Service Delivery Model of Corban OneSource integrates the necessary components that may deliver clients with the desired results along with significant monetary benefit over the total expenditure.
Homeowner's policies differ with respect to the types of perils they cover, such as whether they include what's inside your home and the monetary benefit you would receive if your home is destroyed.
Today, nothing holds value except monetary benefit.
The judiciary at the trial level has allowed the system to be manipulated into acting as a private collection agency for the banks, and has received direct monetary benefit from creating a system of rocket dockets that steamrolls over the protections afforded to individuals and their property rights.
while keeping temperatures cool (typically 90% cooler than stone grinders), the G7 merges the quality benefits of roller-style grinding with the monetary benefit of disc-style grinding, making it the valued equipment choice for Turkish coffee producers worldwide
It is possible that the growth of the companies, the formalization of duties, standardization of processes and the competence and symmetry of information among family members affect benefits in terms of private knowledge and intangible, non-monetary benefits, and increase the threat of expropriation of private monetary benefit.
When you take the $5,000 cash plus the $888 annual payment savings and subtract the $3,000 for fees, you still net $2,888 in tangible monetary benefit in the first year.
Likewise, we allow many other businesses to import cheap products, made by cheap labor, with no monetary benefit to our economy than low prices that mean less tax dollars to support our infrastructure.
Silver used to hold the top spot, but the large number of silver prestige cars on UK roads has meant the colour has now fallen back, albeit to a level that still commands a monetary benefit over most other metallic paints.