monetary exchange

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The meeting stressed the enhancement of cooperation between Iraqi and American banks, the need to develop the Iraqi banking sector, and the implementation of economic reforms through the activation of electronic systems in monetary exchange, and contribute to the development and revitalization of the infrastructure of the Iraqi economy./ End
"It's nice to choose a brand that will support you, that has nothing to do with any monetary exchange."
It addresses implications of the move toward greater integration for the scope, pace, and sequencing of trade and capital account liberalization; the impact of the more open trade environment for public investment, debt sustainability, and fiscal risks, and how these risks can be managed; how monetary exchange rate policy frameworks can be further modernized to mitigate potential risks from greater capital flows; how current financial sector weaknesses can be fixed and vulnerabilities addressed, and what is needed to prepare the financial sector for greater integration in terms of development, deepening, and inclusion; and the structural reforms needed to promote efficient trade and investment and ensure successful economic integration.
Second, studies covering post Breton Woods period have failed to support monetary exchange rate models, owing to its poor performance [Backus (1984); Meese and Rogoff (1983); Rasulo and Wilford (1980)].
But on Tuesday, Cohen's statement denied that accusation and said the monetary exchange was "lawful" and "not a campaign contribution."
While pegged at P100 value, the coin may not be converted for monetary exchange.
At this, the counsel said that monetary exchange between wife and husband does not qualify as a loan and "financial issues between the two are personal matters".
At this, Naeem Bukhari said that monetary exchange between wife and husband did not qualify as a loan and financial issues between the two were personal matters.
Fatboy automatically adjusts its ransom demands according to the ( Big Mac index , a measurement created by the Economist magazine to determine if the official international monetary exchange rates line up with the price charged for a specific product-in this case, a Big Mac.
The distribution of cash to Somali families utilized telephone transfers, a popular method of monetary exchange that bypasses the need to enter Al-Shabaab territory and controls who receives the funds.
French economist Antoine Beretti and colleagues argue in a 2013 article in Kyklos that monetary exchange comes with repugnancy costs built in, meaning people may dislike the idea of monetary exchange just as they may dislike the idea of eating a cat (though perhaps not as extreme).
Additionally, approximately 1.3m POET Shares will be issued, subject to monetary exchange rate adjustment at the time of issuance, to the DenseLight shareholders in the event that DenseLight meets or exceeds a pre-determined revenue target during calendar 2016.