monetary gain

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The incentive to commit procurement fraud is typically the potential of personal monetary gain.
In a blog post, Cisco researcher Nick Biasini said, "This threat actor is impersonating Microsoft in an attempt to exploit their user base for monetary gain.
He said that nothing is nobler than serving the humanity and there is a dire need to work with more commitment and dedication not only for the monetary gain but also for the inner satisfaction.
People who write for reward by way of recognition or monetary gain don't know what they're doing," she once said.
The directorate also called upon companies and individuals not to deal with vendors, who violate the regulations and endanger their lives and the safety of others for monetary gain.
Does he not remember the events of1964 when the village of Capel Celyn and 16 farms in cwm Tryweryn were drowned in order to supply water to Liverpool cooperation only for them to make monetary gain by selling the water on to local industries.
Corruption extends well beyond simple monetary gain to the abuse of power.
Drug dealers bring death and misery for monetary gain and get what they deserve.
It is not for monetary gain or profit we always learn something new.
Those with lower levels of guilt proneness were more likely to make unethical business decisions, lie for monetary gain, arrive late to work, steal office supplies, and behave rudely to clients.
Any parking in front of our properties near the town is always sorted with no bother and as far as I am aware, parking restrictions can only be implemented when there is a recognised problem, and not for council monetary gain.
Baroness Warsi was not engaged in any comprehensive scheme to obscure her property interests and it should be noted that her failure to register her rental income did not result in any financial loss to the taxpayer, or additional monetary gain to herself," his report stated.