monetary gain

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He added that he has even gone the extra mile to source school fees for Wendy and to give cash to her family for other expenses, citing Sh100,000 he gave Wendy's mother in December 2018 to facilitate her admission to secondary school.Wendy's mother, on her part, said that the fame her daughter has received, has not translated to monetary gain.
Council assets belong to the people and are there to provide services to residents so that the extent of community benefit should be a significant criteria, not merely monetary gain."
Arguing in the court, the public prosecutor said that the police requires custody to probe whether there was any monetary gain or transaction by the engineer and what was the reason behind his absence from the spot on the day of audit as well as on the accident day.
Rather than drag an esteemed university through a long, costly legal battle, they chose to establish Horizons for Youth, which will long outlive any monetary gain they might have received had they successfully sued Notre Dame.
"In this context, it is more important and imperative to nurture private institutions and charitable organisations, which put self-interest aside and working for the cause of humanity beyond any political or monetary gain", he added.
'It is likewise a move more consistent with the mission of the UAAP to promote amateur sports among the students of the member universities where the primary motivation is the pursuit of school pride instead of monetary gain,' Saguisag said.
The bill also considers the elements of "valuable consideration" and "monetary gain" as prima facie evidence of game-fixing.
Her claim was that she hadn't received any monetary gain from the affidavit and therefore had no incentive to forge it.
Gangs abducted politicians, journalists, and civilians including children for political and monetary gain. The domestic justice system offered no prospects for accountability, while the International Criminal Court (ICC), despite having jurisdiction over Libya provided by the UNSC, failed to open any investigation into on-going crimes.
The outcomes participants were asked about were a $10,000 monetary gain, a $10,000 monetary loss, a duration of clean air, and a duration of temporary relief from a debilitating disease caused by air pollution.
The outcry following Trump's mention of monetary gain from her position as first lady followed talk concerning conflicts of interest in the administration of President Donald Trump, her husband.
Instead, publishing focuses on monetary gain through ghostwritten autobiographies, celebrity cookbooks, movie tie-ins, self-help books, and the like.