monetary help

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The recent monetary help and oil facility to Pakistan by Saudi Arabia and the UAE are a good example.
In the voice clips doing the rounds on social media, Abdulla could be heard urging a friend to offer him monetary help to purchase a cheque so that he can 'trap' Vellappally.
Seeking monetary help through social media has emerged as a new phenomenon, with fraudsters often taking advantage of people's empathy and goodwill with false claims.
Is it just possible that the rough ride the Prime Minister had in Wales and Scotland during his recent visits has produced the snubbing of NHS monetary help for us?
"Bihar government is ready to provide all monetary help to make it an excellent (vishist) university.
I am unable to refuse when someone asks for monetary help and I also find it difficult to remind others that they owe me something.
According to further details, Nishtar was observed to be fully involved in helping out the BISP applicants and also guided them about the process to avail the monetary help.
I am surprised to know that the Pakistan government is going to make a deal with the IMF for monetary help to resuscitate countries crippling economy for 2019.
Farmers believe in their labour and want remunerative price of their produce but BJP mentality to give them little monetary help is atrocious and arrogant.
She could've asked someone for monetary help, but chose not to.
Markle's father called those reports claiming that he asked money from Markle and that she turned him down twice "just plain [expletive]." He added that he has a decent retirement fund and doesn't need monetary help. He also stressed that he was sure Markle would help him if ever he needs any assistance.
(third from right), and GMAKF EVP & COO Rikki Escudero-Catibog (center) receive generous monetary help for Rebuild Marawi Project from FFCCCII's officers in aid of the Rebuild Marawi Project in Lanao del Sur