monetary help

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Many volunteers, aid agencies and NGOs are realizing that monetary help and their efforts are needed for the long haul.
The countries from the former eastern bloc who came to the EU were so happy to receive monetary help from EU, the development money to help them out and now they say, 'we won't help you.
So for a little monetary help he puts a roof over the heads of people like (among others) Tubby Vanringham, the adoring slave of the coldhearted Miss Whittaker.
Every aspiring talent needs monetary help, as talent will only get you to a certain level in this industry.
While some people have already come forward for adoption, some have offered monetary help.
They deserve not just monetary help but respect and encouragement.
For the first time the State is to obtain this kind of monetary help from the Union Government for a mega port project.
They enter shops and ask for monetary help from shop keepers and customers.
About Saudi support to the Palestinians, the imam said that King Abdullah's generous monetary help has given new confidence to the Palestinians.
Leena Nair, said "Though fishermen will face a lot of problems due to the ban, but they would be given grants from the state government and other monetary help.
We give monetary help to organisations which in turn give their valuable time for conducting social welfare activities.
We're not asking for monetary help alone or a relaxation of the laissez faire environment we have thrived in.