monetary return

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"With internet scams, the end result is always to get some sort of monetary return. How the scammers go about this changes at times, but the end result is always the same.
You can still pursue your various interests during your downtime without expecting any monetary return.Think of the long-termThe decision you make now will have a ripple effect in future, therefore, have the future in mind when making the decision.
But Labour, backed by the Liberal Democrats, put forward a motion calling for a 20 per cent cut in SRAs - a move they made in July 2018 - arguing public service should not be about monetary return.
Purpose is even more important than monetary return and positive feedback.
With companies warming to the idea of accepting smaller contracts, businesses have had to find new ways of working in order to become cost efficient; if they are taking on these contracts, they need to ensure that their revenue and profit are not adversely affected by work that may deliver a lower monetary return.
Datavest ( and announced a partnership today at the KNOW Identity Conference to enable individuals to receive a monetary return by investing the data they produce on a daily basis, the company said.
For one, a private lab or research facility does not stand to gain any sort of monetary return on footing the potentially high cost of specialized recycling services, and must be presented with additional incentives to bring a perspective of value to recycling opportunities.
* GPS systems: While not always offering a monetary return on investment, they do have a quality of life component that often makes them worth the investment;
If the businesses simply capitulate, the suits have significant monetary return.
He also told bystanders that he was willing to gift his priceless work to President Duterte, which means he is not asking for any monetary return. 'I offered this to him for freeIt's so expensive, but this is for Tatay Digong,' he said.
Tying franchise opportunities to an ROI doesn't always equate to a monetary return. IFA's NextGen program educates millennials about the benefit of franchising by explaining both growth potential and how franchising meets their desire for a flexible, fulfilling lifestyle.
Honesty maximizes value over the long term, even if by "value" we mean only the monetary return to shareholders.