monetary return

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The Minister further said that this step would give the farmers a monetary return of Rs.
For one, a private lab or research facility does not stand to gain any sort of monetary return on footing the potentially high cost of specialized recycling services, and must be presented with additional incentives to bring a perspective of value to recycling opportunities.
GPS systems: While not always offering a monetary return on investment, they do have a quality of life component that often makes them worth the investment;
If the businesses simply capitulate, the suits have significant monetary return.
He also told bystanders that he was willing to gift his priceless work to President Duterte, which means he is not asking for any monetary return.
Tying franchise opportunities to an ROI doesn't always equate to a monetary return.
Honesty maximizes value over the long term, even if by "value" we mean only the monetary return to shareholders.
While compliance, quality, visibility and insight are key benefits, the monetary return on such an investment cannot be overlooked.
Regrettably, these collectors use to receive minimum monetary return in the trade chain of morels due to the addition of incremental value by dealers and sometime due the injustice of the middlemen and dealers.
Whether from this or other modest origins, interest in investing for purposes other than (or in addition to) monetary return has grown exponentially in recent years and now extends well beyond faith-based organizations.
The monetary return on a 50/55kw turbine - if the figures are to be believed - is anything from PS42k to PS83k annually with payback of investment between four to eight years.