monetary value

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Trai has said that service providers should ensure that customers are properly informed and conveyed about the terms and conditions, if any, imposed on the monetary value provided through combo vouchers.
You cannot perceive that monetary value in the attributes of the physical components of the object.
As noted earlier, one of the most widely developed MCM models is the RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary value) framework used in direct marketing in which the probability of customers' future purchases is estimated to be a function of the recency, frequency, and monetary value of their previous transactions.
He said the athletic committee proposed the monetary value implementation in order to generate income for the promotion, development and control of heavily overloaded athletics, which contribute to low quality of the sport code in the region.
Edward Lemay, assistant professor of psychology at UNH, who conducted the research with his colleagues at Yale University, found that people who had heightened feelings of interpersonal security - a sense of being loved and accepted by others - placed a lower monetary value on their possession than people who did not.
7 percent of the monetary value of reported stolen property was recovered.
Even at age 65-74, when most people have stopped working, unpaid activities equaled barely half the monetary value of paid employment, according to the authors.
The best decision branch is found by finding the alternative with the highest monetary value determining EMV.
Plating that person and that particular object in the moment is of historical value as well as monetary value," explains Williams.
Bearing in mind the considerable monetary value of these stones, have the council sold them?
This leads to a second unintended consequence: the unsolvable monetary value scenario.