monetary value

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The parties are now free to stipulate payment in foreign currencies, but similar to the comment above, it is not sufficient to just mention "dollars", for example, but there is a need to specify as well the currency system referred to like US dollars, because there are also other jurisdictions using "dollars" for their monetary value like Hongkong, Singapore and Australia.
issue e-money payment instruments that has a monetary value greater than the funds received from customers.
The number of cosmetics that were confiscated were the most and in terms of monetary value, mobile phones and its accessories ranked first."
We have enough trouble trying to find honest politicians without the risk of winding up with a Kim Jongun or Vladimir Putin, I'm neither royalist or anti-royalist but do see the monetary value of having them.
This study estimates the monetary value of voluntary coaching in German non-profit sports clubs applying an output-based approach as opposed to previous studies relying on input-based approaches.
Despite the small monetary value on offer at the sheep dog trials where the top prize is [euro]100, Robert said: "I would just love to have my name on a cup again this year.
Mr Green said: "The chain is of no monetary value but is of great sentimental value to our organisation as each year it has the new chairman's name engraved and placed onto the ribbon.
This was determined by social media software company Coosto, which used a new algorithm that automatically calculates the monetary value of every online message.
The company's proprietary 360-degree Valuation is designed to be the first step a site owner takes in discovering more about their cell site and its potential monetary value.
The points will have no direct monetary value. Instead, members will receive a selection of offers and can begin to take advantage of priority access to ranges once they have 3,000 sparks.
Constable Ian Taylor said: "Although the chain and the two rings are not of any significant monetary value, they are of great personal value to the lady involved.
This has put the main indexes of the bourse, especially regarding the monetary value, in the green zone, indicating the continuing stability of the market thanks to the national portfolio.