money back

See: refund
References in classic literature ?
How cheerfully the bond he signed, To pay the money back again!
He knew he could have got the money back on them, but it relieved him to destroy them.
So one day Uncle Henry borrowed some money, and wrote a letter saying that if he didn't pay the money back they could take his farm for pay.
Well, Balum he tuck de money, en when he wuz in church he hear de preacher say dat whoever give to de po' len' to de Lord, en boun' to git his money back a hund'd times.
An' the crowd beginning to yell fake an' want its money back. Twenty-seven seconds--one punch --n' a spankin' pair of horses for the best wife Billy Roberts ever had in his long experience."
This morning he had been told by some of his neighbours that it was New Year's Eve, and that he must sit up and hear the old year rung out and the new rung in, because that was good luck, and might bring his money back again.
"I know that I spent four cents to get you and I want my money back. Do you know what I can do; I am going to take you to the market once more and sell you as dry firewood."
"It's a delicate matter, ma'am," I heard the Sergeant say, "giving money back. You charged her cheap for the things, I'm sure?"
Of course you'll have your money back again, and the double of it, if ye'll make so free with me.
Come, father" added Dantes, "put this money back in your box -- unless neighbor Caderousse wants anything, and in that case it is at his service."
'You give me my money back, if you please,' said I, very much frightened; 'and leave me alone.'
Their effect will more than give me my money back out of the other holdings.