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The Jacob Abraham Foundation received funds from the Maltings Community Money Box campaign.
The Money Box programme invited representatives from all the main banks to take part and answer questions, they all declined.
The money box is a replica of the donation box the authority uses to collect donations.
What started with a few money boxes left here and there soon spread to 180 venues across the region.
Yesterday, the jury at the High Court in Glasgow heard that fingerprints of one of these men, Sean Gibson, 21, was found inside a money box that was found close to where Javaid was stabbed.
Cheshire West and Chester's executive member for culture, Cllr Stuart Parker, loaned to the museum a bear money box and a letter from Winston Churchill.
Every morning, a gentleman dropped 50 cents in the money box, and walked on without taking a doughnut.
If you've ever wondered where you can store your dirhams while you save up for a 2.2kg Hershey's chocolate bar, now you know a plastic chocolate bar shaped money box.
BBC Radio 4's Money Box claimed Mr Chorlton's credibility was questioned by a judge who found a document produced by Mr Chorlton was "not authentic".
But 42 per cent of pupils said they saved in a traditional piggy bank or money box, the poll for the Personal Finance Education Group (Pfeg) and HSBC Bank found.
And in A Christmas Carol, Scrooge learns to embrace life, not just barter its precious moments for the contents of a money box.
Each user has the chance to choose what they receive and can also opt to view information from current affairs programmes such as Panorama and Money Box.