money box

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The Jacob Abraham Foundation received funds from the Maltings Community Money Box campaign.
Muhammad Khalifa Al Mubarak, CEO of Aldar Properties, said: "We are very pleased to host the world's largest money box at Yas Mall, especially since this is the first year the mall is open for Ramadan.
One morning, the gentleman came by as usual, dropped coins into the money box, and started on his way.
2kg Hershey's chocolate bar, now you know a plastic chocolate bar shaped money box.
Recessionhit shoppers there are flocking to buy the Union Jack money box, suggesting they will be hoarding cash for a rainy day next year.
BBC Radio 4's Money Box claimed Mr Chorlton's credibility was questioned by a judge who found a document produced by Mr Chorlton was "not authentic".
And in A Christmas Carol, Scrooge learns to embrace life, not just barter its precious moments for the contents of a money box.
Each user has the chance to choose what they receive and can also opt to view information from current affairs programmes such as Panorama and Money Box.
Cleante arranges the theft of his father's money box, and, in order to regain his treasure, Harpagon permits Cleante to marry Mariane.
ONE of Cardiff's office providers is inviting local community groups across the region to be part of The Maltings' Community Money Box Campaign and apply for funding for their club or team.
He said he did not want to see money "disappearing into a money box in London" and guarantees money would come to Wales.
A third charge that he stole a money box, which he denied, will remain on the file.