money chest

See: coffer
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I don't figure in Naira for Naira; I figure in winning despite Buhari's heavy money chest. I will defeat him because he is a failure and a disaster for Nigerians.
In order to seize this opportunity, Snapdeal eroded the money chest of billions in buying out multiple companies and either closing them down or selling them for peanuts -,,
This provoked a riot and the crowd broke into the Guildhall, set fire to council records and stole PS1,200 from the Corporation's money chest. After eight hours of chaos three companies of troops from Alnwick arrived to restore order.
The records storage equipment included various examples of corrugated boxes and transfer files, steel shelving, insulated and annulated file cabinets, steel transfer files, a money chest, and Class A, B, and C safes.
Now the winner of eight Grade 1 races and over a million euro in the prize money chest, Beef Or Salmon will be making his fourth appearance at the Cheltenham Festival on St Patrick's Day.
The 2-1 defeat at London Road cut off Tranmere's access to the FA cup money chest, from which they took a small fortune last season.